Hey I'm Charvey, a web developer based in Memphis, TN. My speciality is creating custom responsive web designs using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, typography, and anything pertaining to front-end web design and development. Every project is approached with a passion for creativity and attention to detail to serve the client, and deliver the very best each time.

Your website is not only an advertisement for your business or project, it is a way to communicate with your target audience. To do that you need a medium that communicates with ease. Although I can’t deny dedication for creative design, just as much importance is placed on functionality and flow. A message is best heard when the listener only has to receive it. The medium which people view websites has changed from stationary luxury to mobile necessity. Because of that, you need to have a site that will be accessible to everyone, on every platform.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a great tool to use with your website. Not only are they able to reach many of your potential clients they also play a roll in your search engine optimization. I utilize many of these sites to improve the visibility of your own. Between this and my process of Discovery, Design and Develop, I’m able to create the site you're exactly looking for. My motto is simple, "Proper planning equals a pleasing product!" Part of my hand crafted "pleasing product" is professional photography. I provide custom stock images for your website and you retain a license to use the images for life, on your site, mailers, newsletters or wherever you like. You can download high resolution copies of each image through our partner site CharveyMac Photography.