First all project requirements are gathered, such as goals of your site and target audience to brand identify. Through a one on one interview and few pre-design questionnaires I’m able to take away a unique understanding of your needs and wants. Next, research is done of how potential clients search such as key words and phrase, then in turn implementation of those phrases with in your site. All this is done with search engine optimization in mind.


After the discovery, then begins the design, look and feel of the site. All the frame work is created here like color schemes, font types and general layout. We then go over the design and approach of the images to be taken by CharveyMac Photography. After completion of this step, you sign off on one of the multiple design examples that has been submitted to you for approval. On to the final step.


This is the nuts and bolts of the operation, where all the information is put together and your site is completed. The design files are brought to life, so to speak, through HTML5, some jQuery and CSS3. I ensure the functionality, site requirements and key features are meet. The entire process of Discovery, Design and Develop usually takes about a month. Keep in mind how fast you sign off and respond can impact how fast your project is completed. After everything is finished and your final okay has been given its time to go live and launch your new site!